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About Fat Boys BBQ

Fat Boys BBQ is a local mobile caterer that specializes in barbecued food prepared on our unique wood-fired smokers. With more than 30 years of experience cooking barbecues, we pride ourselves on serving hot, fresh BBQ that you won’t soon forget. We also make our own special rubs and sauces to complete the experience.

At Fat Boys BBQ, we offer the best in BBQ pork, as well as award-winning ribs and Texas-style beef brisket – all brought to your location on our LARGE portable trailer &/or smoker. We also have our very own "redneck eggroll", which is our pulled pork and homemade coleslaw rolled up into an eggroll wrapper and deep fried to perfection. They have become Famous as they are loved by MANY! Yum!!

Get in touch with us today to request our catering service. We proudly serve customers in Raleigh, North Carolina and its surrounding areas. 

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